About Danielle-Nicole

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About Danielle-Nicole

Danielle-Nicole is a national award winning designer. In almost 2 decades she has created over 500 bold 1 of 1 pieces of wearable art.  Her work has graced runways, magazines and art gallerys alike.  Both women and men should have their personal Nontle collection. You will know a Nontle piece when you see it, each piece has a distinct look and powerful feel. The uniqueness of each piece draws the eye in and sparks a conversation in any room.

In her jewelry designs she primarly uses natural materials, crystals, gemstones and/or metals that are all ethically sourced. She has personal relationships with her vendors, which not only asures the quality of the product, but also ensures that her vendors are paid a fair wage. 

Danielle-Nicole's other passions includes traveling. She's has traveled extensively visiting 20+ countries, and has an art studio in the Dominican Republic.  It's on these trips where she is most inspired, returning home to create stunning works of art in her jewelry. During her travels, her passion for photography was cultivated, she has shared that love with us as a part of the Nontle Photography Series and Nontle Greeting Cards.                                                         

She has a true wanderlust spirit that has led trips around the globe, and a beautiful collection of home decor, with just a few of her personal favorites making their way in the personally curated Nontle Lifestyle Home Collection Shop!

Bougie Auntie Energy is Nontle Lifestyle's apparel brand. Currently offering t-shirts, crewnecks, hoodies, bennies, ball caps and 1 of 1 custom jackets.